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The solar fan cap is equipped with solar panel, which convert the solar energy to electric energy to drive the fan on the cap. The power of the fan adjust on the sunlight, the more sunlight, the more powerful of the fan. Great for gardening, hiking, jogging, golfing, fishing, beach activities and sporting events.


Solar Fan Cap (SL-FC02)

1.  High efficiency polycrystalline silicon cells and mono-crystalline, in round shape.
2.  DC Motor: operating voltage 1.2V,operating current 55mA.
3.  DC Fan: rotation speed 1850 cycles/min.
4.  No batteries required, no wire exposed
5.  Size-adjustable band fits all sizes 
6.  Light weight & silent operation 

7.  100% Cotton

8.  LOGO can be printed in the front of the cap, or on the end of the fan.  


      *OEM Available

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