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This is a regulation golf ball with an inner core that contains proprietary circuitry, a lithium battery, and two red LED lights that are programmed to flash at a rate of 7.2 flashes per second for a duration time of 5-6 minutes. 

Meets all standards for size, weight, symmetry, velocity and distance standards.


 Flashing Golf Ball(l-gb01)

1. Battery life: up to 40 hours of
 2. 7.2 flashes per second
 3. 5 Minute flashing duration per time 
 4. Different LEDs: Red, Green, Blue, yellow and etc..

 5. Multi-layer construction.

 6. The weight is 45 g, the diameter is 43 mm, wind tunnel is 391

 7. Du-pont surlyn cut-proof cover

 8.70% compression

 9. Logo on the ball is available.



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